Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Now a Man’s Best Friend

The dog is taking a back seat and it’s now the diamond that’s a mans best friend. There may not be any companionship and it won’t fetch a stick but at the same time a diamond won’t put muddy footprints on your new carpet or get into trouble for biting a smaller diamond.

Anyway, that’s a bit of a funny paragraph to open with. Let’s talk about engagement rings. These wonderful pieces of jewellery often cost more than the actual wedding ring and far from being a bribe to get a woman to say yes, they can be amazing and cost effective pieces that will last a lifetime.

Diamond rings are often seen as being fit only for the rich and famous, but this trend is starting to turn. The diamond industry is seeing a resurgence and consumers are seeing the benefit in jewllery stores around the globe – both online and offline.

The massive choice available out there means that almost every woman (there will always be one!) can find happiness with their own dream ring. Whether it be an Asscher cut vintage diamond or more classic platinum plain band the beauty of making the right choice is reward in itself.

Asscher cut diamond rings are increasingly popular

Bling full of Asscher

The accessibility of the consumer to be able to custom make their own rings is increasing. The ease with which you can pick up your dream cushion cut halo engagment ring is refreshingly easy. Jewellers can essentailly produce bespoke designs that will match your dreams and desires. This is a cost effective method of pretty much ensuring that she will love the ring without paying out money in the hope that she will.

The engagement ring is often seen as even more precious than the wedding ring itself so make sure you shop around and find exactly what you love and exactly what will make you smile for many years to come.

Oak Photo Frames

Oak Photo Frames

The increasing number of large supermarkets and large stores that sell virtually every product under the sun has led to changes in the way people shop. Unfortunately it also seems that it has reduced the qulaity of a lot of items. This is particularly true in the photo frame market where mass produced products fill the shelves.

The cheap and nasty frames are factory made, production line monsters with no character, longevity or quality. On the positive side of this it seems that there has been a growing move towards individuals and smaller companies producing more individual and bespoke frames for the more discerning buyer.

Oak wooden frames are produced from sustainable hardwoods

Wood you Believe a Frame Starts Here?

The move to hardwood homemade frames has offered a welcome touch of class back to this area of the photography arena. The real wood photo frames offer character, style and a real air of natural beauty that compliments decor and home furishings.

Oak photo frames are amongst a collection of hardwoods that are used in the production cycle. The great thing is that the majority of suppliers who are in this area, love their craft and adhere to the sustainable processes of production that allow the wood to be used but not overused. You will always be able to check these things by assuring that the frame adheres to the guidelines set out by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Always look for the Forest Stweardship Council logo when buying your picture frames

Always look for the FSC logo

The individual and bespoke frames offer originality and you can be sure that no two frames will ever be the same. As well as oak picture frames there are other beatiful woods that are used such as ash, walnut and beech that can be used to make a real complimentary difference to your treasured photos.

So next time you pick up a plastic or cheap wooden frame that will probably break the first time it’s accidentally knocked over remember that there are so many better alternatives. Why not do a bit of research and pay a little more for a handmade, hardwood, picture frame adorning your home for years to come instead

Kids Scooters

Scooters for Kids

Kids scooters are a great way for children of all ages to get both fresh air and exercise at the same time and are a fantastic way for youngsters to learn more about their motor skills and balance. A scooter is perhaps the ideal step for a child before making the transition onto a push bike or balance bike.

The best thing about scooters is that they are really easy to control, even for children as young as 2 or 3 they can – with a a little bit of practice – be quickly mastered and the basic skills can be picked up really easily.You can even get electric scooters to get you around with a little less effort!

kids on scooters

The safety aspects of the scooters are always top of the requirement list for parents and are rightly put at the top of the list for scooter designers and manufacturers too. Safety if always paramount and on top of the various design innovations, such as thicker wheels, wider footplates and 3 and 4 wheel options, kids scooters should never be ridden without an approved helmet and ideally knee and elbow pads too.

Scooters, much in the same way as bikes, can evolve to grow with children. As confidence increases then various tweaks can be made so that the skill level can increase at the same time. Scooter shops are more and more prevalent online these days and a lot of the bigger brands can also be found on major shopping outlets such as amazon and ebay (though ebay scooters can be second hand so aren’t ideal – especially for new users.)

The designs are as varied as they are cool and very much stay in tune with the changing trends that young people have. The big brands offer scooters from as young an age as 2 or 3 and their models evolve to incorporate professional and full time users and riders. Kids scooters are available in virtually every conceivable colour and there are loads of character scooters too – Thomas and Peppa being just 2 – so everyone really can embrace their own scooter and have loads of fun whilst keeping fit too.

character scooters for kids